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Including Maintenance Coatings & Firebrick

Our refractory and firebrick contractors at WW Services offer free inspections and consultations. Our team includes experts in the design, selection, and installation of refractory linings in all fields that utilize thermal equipment in their process. We help you design new equipment, calculate heat transfers, lay out anchoring systems, inspect old linings, and supply the most appropriate repair.

Maintenance Coatings/Patch Coatings
All refractory linings need some attention paid to them from time to time, and it often takes very little energy and expense to maintain these linings. Regular inspections are necessary to ensure that the lining is in good condition, is operating as it is designed to, and does not require major repairs. Most maintenance repairs can be performed in a short amount of time while extending the lifespan of the lining and the equipment as a whole. Most products that are necessary to perform a maintenance coating are stock items, can be delivered/installed next day, and often save customers money on downtime and expensive repairs.

Crematory Repair
With over thirty years experience, we are experts in the repair of crematory units from most manufacturers. From complete rebuilds of whole units, to quick patches to keep units running when down time is not an option, we can fix it and have you back online in a timely manner. In addition to our repair services, we also manufacture and sell necessary tools and parts for crematory maintenance and operation. We keep steel brushes and steel scrapers in stock for immediate and competitively priced delivery. We also manufacture and sell blades for processing units.

Patched rear contact wall of hybrid fire/water tube boiler

Firebrick Construction
A long-time practiced application of refractory construction is firebrick construction. Many different shapes/sizes of firebrick are produced to be able to build just about any desired shape, whether it is a straight/flat wall, an arched roof, a burner cone, or a baffle wall. When it comes to shapes of firebrick, the sky is the limit. Firebrick also comes in a variety of strengths, heat capacities, and material contents depending upon any particular applications needs. Firebrick construction is performed by securely mortaring 1 course on top of the other and securely mortaring each course to the backup lining, with a high-temperature refractory mortar.

The gunite/handpack application is another method of installing a monolithic refractory lining. With this style, a form is not necessary, as the material is conveyed through a hose and pneumatically projected at high velocity onto a surface, or forced into place by hand. This method requires a slightly different version of castable that is of a gunite grade. This method also requires an air cure and bake out period.

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